Do I have to be in peak physical condition?

NO! Capoeira involves strength, flexibility, endurance, and aerobic conditioning. Build up strength slowly, working within your own limitations. Everyone has something to contribute to and from Capoeira, regardless of body type, weight, sex and age. Find your unique contribution! Be patient with yourself and remember that anything worthwhile takes time. To get the most out of class, plan on attending every session.

What can I expect from a typical class?

Classes generally begins with an exercise to get the blood flowing to the muscles and increase the heart rate. This is followed by a series of stretches and practice of Capoeira movements. The last part of class features a roda (pronounced ho-da) where students use the movements learned in the earlier part of class to improvise and play the game of Capoeira.

What should I wear to the 1st class?

Capoeira is typically practiced in a traditional white uniform. For your first classes, wear loose-fitting clothes such as sweatpants and a t-shirt. Shorts are discouraged. You need to be able to move freely in all directions, including upside down and sideways. Capoeira is not practiced with shoes but you are welcome to bring sports tape to wrap your feet.


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