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What a Week!!

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We just had 4 full days of incredible workshops and batizado. What a week! Mestre Di Mola, Prof. Baiano and Prof. Indio came in for the event and added amazing energy to the event. Prof. Baiano conducted incredible music classes, we had an open roda on 24th and Mission and played a ton of capoeira!

But they weren’t the only ones to come visit us in SF! We had students from every single one of our chapters in the US and Canada join us. Chicago, NYC, LA, Seattle, Madison, Amherst, Minnesota, Winnipeg, and even Sweden. It was such a great event. But let the pics tell the story….

Here are photos from the batizado.


All Good Things Must Come to an End

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That’s right. We just finished up a great weekend of workshops with Prof. Indio. The training was solid and I hope that everyone was able to take a little something from his classes. I felt that the major themes of this workshop were twofold; 1) Staying grounded in all of your movements 2) relax and flow. For those of you in our class that were unable to make workshops not to worry. We will focus on these themes in the weeks to come.

Monday starts up our regular training schedule and I hope that everyone is there.



Laurette, Sapo, Amos and Angela

Laurette, Sapo, Amos and Angela

Best pic of Sabeginha EVER!

Best pic of Sabedinha EVER!

Prof. Indio on Berimbau

Prof. Indio on Berimbau

Palhaço, Prof. Indio, Mestre Preguiça and Andorinha

Palhaço, Prof. Indio, Mestre Preguiça and Andorinha

Aceituno Arts represent!

Aceituno Arts represent!

Aceituno arts REPRESENT!!

Aceituno arts REPRESENT!!

Workshops with Prof. Indio, April 8-11, 2009

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After long talk of the workshops with Prof. Indio, I finally have details!


Thursday, April 9th-11th (White cords-yellow/orange cords)
Wednesday, April 8th-11th (Orange cords and above)

Wednesday- 7:00-9:00 (Orange cords and above)
@ Aceituno Arts Cooperative (SF)

Thursday- Time TBA (all levels)
@ St. Mary’s rec. in Bernal Heights (SF)

Friday- 6:00-7:30 (Orange cords and above)
7:30-9:30 (All levels)
@ Malonga Center for the Arts, 1428 ALICE ST, OAKLAND, CA 94612 (Buscha He’s training space)

Saturday- Time TBA (all levels)
@ St. Mary’s rec. in Bernal Heights (SF)
(I will notify everyone of the times at St. Mary’s once we solidify details.)

Price: $60 for entire workshop for white-orange/yellow cords
$80 for entire workshop for Orange and above
$25 drop-in

We are keeping the prices low to encourage everyone to come. Prof. Indio is an incredible capoeirsta and teacher. You will leave these workshops inspired. The workshops open to all levels will also be open to all capoeira students in the Bay Area.

I have attached the registration form to this email. Please print it up and mail it or hand deliver it to me WITH PAYMENT!

ALL REGISTRATION FORMS AND MONEY ARE DUE ON APRIL 4TH. I WILL NOT ACCEPT ANY IOU’S OR MONEY ANY TIME AFTER APRIL 4TH. Sorry it has to be this way but I will not be handling any money on the day of workshops. Those who turn in the registration form late will not be able to attend. This includes drop-in’s. If you plan on only going a couple of days, you need to pay that before April 4th as well.

I hope to see everyone there!

Introducing….Professor Indio

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Prof. Indio

Palhaço and I spent this past weekend in Seattle for to take part in some capoeira workshops being held by the Seattle Omulu Guanabara chapter. Mestre preguiça was supposed to come out for this event but due to unforseen circumstances, was unable to make it. Prof. Indio stepped in last minute to teach the workshops. When we found this out we were pretty excited because prof. Indio is a newer member to the Omulu Guanabara family. We have only had a few workshops with him and were looking forward to getting to know him better.

Before the summer of 2008, Prof. Indio operated under the group Viva Capoeira up in Winnepeg, Canada. He has a deep history with Mestre Di Mola and for the past several years has been reconnecting with M. Di Mola and Mestre Preguiça. For the past few years he has been at all of our events until, finally, he made the switch. In the summer of 2008 at the Omulu Guanabara Encounter in Sweden, Prof. Indio was invited to our group. 

There is no doubt that Prof. Indio is a gifted capoeirsta. Before Prof. Indio had any connection with our group, we were watching old videos of him. Prof. Indio always had a reputation for incredible floreo and a quick and smart game. His movements are effortless and he made the sport look easy.

So here we are in Seattle training with Prof. Indio. What can we say????

His workshops were excellent. They were challenging and well thought out. His feedback, insightful. By talking to him, we could tell that he is passionate about being part of our group and carrying out M. Di Mola and M. Preguiça’a vision.

And on a lighter note, he is just a cool guy. He has an incredible sense of humility and humor. …..

So, with that said, welcome to our group Prof. Indio. You are now now part of the family.

Below are some videos of Indio….

(Prf. Indio is the one with the t-shirt)

Capoeira Etiquette (Part 2)

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The Mestres at Instructora Cotonete’s Batizado in July, 2006

OK. Here is an easy one. This rule may not apply to all groups but it is always better to play it safe than sorry. Let’s talk about how you greet mestres when you are at your batizado or one of your school’s workshops. Here is the rule: When you enter the space, the first people that you have to greet are the mestres. AND!!! You need to greet them in the order of their level. For example, during our workshops we usually have Grand Mestre João Grande, Mestre Preguiça and Mestre Di Mola and we need to greet them in that order. Grand Mestre João Grande gets greeted first because he is the oldest and highest regarded mestre, then Mestre Preguiça because he is the next generation and student of Mestre Bimba, then Mestre Di Mola, whom is third generation, student of Mestre Camisa whom was a student of Mestre Bimba.

Disclaimer: This is what Mestre Di Mola has taught us. It may not be observed everywhere however, it can only look good if you enter a room and greet the Mestres according to these rules.