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Omulu Guanabara Capoeira

The Omulu-Guanabara Capoeira group is an international partnership between Omulu Capoeira Group located in San Francisco, CA and Guanabara Capoeira located in Stockholm, Sweden. Omulu Capoeira, directed by Mestre Preguiça and Guanabara Capoeira, led by Mestre DiMola, work together as one, and provide one of the worlds largest networks of affiliated schools, with branches in Brazil, U.S.A, Sweden, Venezuela, Mexico, Japan and Canada. The mission of Omulu Guanabara Capoeira is to promote the art of Capoeira around the globe through development of a high-quality training academy, a professional performance group, and a community culture and education program.

Mestre Preguiça

Omulu Capoeira Group is led by world-renowned Capoeira master, Mestre Preguiça. Mestre Preguiça has been a pioneer and influential figure of contemporary Capoeira for over 40 years. From the age of 12 until he was graduated to master in 1963, Mestre Preguiça trained under Brazil’s legendary Mestre Bimba. In 1965, Mestre Preguiça moved to Rio de Janeiro and co-founded Grupo Senzala, which in 20 years gained worldwide renown and became the prominent Capoeira style in Brazil. In 1984 he moved to San Francisco and founded Omulu Capoeira Group. He currently teaches at various community centers, public schools and non-profit organizations. Mestre Preguiça conducts workshops and classes for Capoeira groups throughout the world.

Mestre Di Mola

Mestre Di Mola has devoted his life to Capoeira for 30 years. His work is highly respected and his name is well known in the world of Capoeira. In 1998, Mestre Di Mola founded Capoeira Guanabara in Brazil. He felt that he wanted to develop capoeira even further. To improve the quality and mentality of the capoeiristas, to absorb the roots and the culture. He has been to most countries in Europe, all over Brazil, the USA and in Asia to spread and teach Capoeira. Today he lives in Sweden with his family where he is trying to grow a strong group.



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  1. Looks great, guys!

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