Workshops with Prof. Indio, April 8-11, 2009

After long talk of the workshops with Prof. Indio, I finally have details!


Thursday, April 9th-11th (White cords-yellow/orange cords)
Wednesday, April 8th-11th (Orange cords and above)

Wednesday- 7:00-9:00 (Orange cords and above)
@ Aceituno Arts Cooperative (SF)

Thursday- Time TBA (all levels)
@ St. Mary’s rec. in Bernal Heights (SF)

Friday- 6:00-7:30 (Orange cords and above)
7:30-9:30 (All levels)
@ Malonga Center for the Arts, 1428 ALICE ST, OAKLAND, CA 94612 (Buscha He’s training space)

Saturday- Time TBA (all levels)
@ St. Mary’s rec. in Bernal Heights (SF)
(I will notify everyone of the times at St. Mary’s once we solidify details.)

Price: $60 for entire workshop for white-orange/yellow cords
$80 for entire workshop for Orange and above
$25 drop-in

We are keeping the prices low to encourage everyone to come. Prof. Indio is an incredible capoeirsta and teacher. You will leave these workshops inspired. The workshops open to all levels will also be open to all capoeira students in the Bay Area.

I have attached the registration form to this email. Please print it up and mail it or hand deliver it to me WITH PAYMENT!

ALL REGISTRATION FORMS AND MONEY ARE DUE ON APRIL 4TH. I WILL NOT ACCEPT ANY IOU’S OR MONEY ANY TIME AFTER APRIL 4TH. Sorry it has to be this way but I will not be handling any money on the day of workshops. Those who turn in the registration form late will not be able to attend. This includes drop-in’s. If you plan on only going a couple of days, you need to pay that before April 4th as well.

I hope to see everyone there!


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