Introducing….Professor Indio

Prof. Indio

Palhaço and I spent this past weekend in Seattle for to take part in some capoeira workshops being held by the Seattle Omulu Guanabara chapter. Mestre preguiça was supposed to come out for this event but due to unforseen circumstances, was unable to make it. Prof. Indio stepped in last minute to teach the workshops. When we found this out we were pretty excited because prof. Indio is a newer member to the Omulu Guanabara family. We have only had a few workshops with him and were looking forward to getting to know him better.

Before the summer of 2008, Prof. Indio operated under the group Viva Capoeira up in Winnepeg, Canada. He has a deep history with Mestre Di Mola and for the past several years has been reconnecting with M. Di Mola and Mestre Preguiça. For the past few years he has been at all of our events until, finally, he made the switch. In the summer of 2008 at the Omulu Guanabara Encounter in Sweden, Prof. Indio was invited to our group. 

There is no doubt that Prof. Indio is a gifted capoeirsta. Before Prof. Indio had any connection with our group, we were watching old videos of him. Prof. Indio always had a reputation for incredible floreo and a quick and smart game. His movements are effortless and he made the sport look easy.

So here we are in Seattle training with Prof. Indio. What can we say????

His workshops were excellent. They were challenging and well thought out. His feedback, insightful. By talking to him, we could tell that he is passionate about being part of our group and carrying out M. Di Mola and M. Preguiça’a vision.

And on a lighter note, he is just a cool guy. He has an incredible sense of humility and humor. …..

So, with that said, welcome to our group Prof. Indio. You are now now part of the family.

Below are some videos of Indio….

(Prf. Indio is the one with the t-shirt)


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