Just Breathe…….

I was just recently talking to this guy that used to do a whole bunch of mixed martial arts. He was talking to me about his experience with boxing, Muy Thai and Jujitsu. He explained to me that the one principle that remained consistent with all of his training was breath. When fighing, the fighter can’t lose focus. They can ‘t become wrapped up in emotion. If they do, game over. They lose.


Practicing your breathing in the roda is truly important when playing capoeira. The roda can be a rollercoaster of drama and emotion. One second the games can be fun and open and then next moment, the games can close up and get very personal. Often times, when the games get personal, you will slowly watch the tension build and the integrity of the capoeira drop. It is the capoeiristas job to maintain themselves in the roda, to not let the opponent get under their skin. How do we do this?

We breath.

When playing in the roda, listen to your breath. Make that your focus. When your opponent tags you with a martelo or if you get swept with a rasteira, don’t get mad. That is part of the game. If you get mad at that moment, you will lose your composure. Just listen to your breath and focus in. You will find that your game will open up and vision will get clear. And, hey, you might not get your hits back in that game.

But there will always be other rodas….


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