Batizado 2008! (The party is now over…..)

Congratulations to everybody that got baptized into the group and those who got promoted to the next cord!!!

Palhaço and I both feel that this past week turned out to be really great training and an excellent experience for everyone who participated. The energy was good and everybody represented themselves wonderfully. We are really proud. Below are all of the pics with our class and those who got cords.

Corey and I were talking after the batizado and he said something that was really right on. He said that now he is no longer a white cord, he can no longer skate by. This is the truth for everyone. Now is the time to train harder than you ever had. This is the time where you try to make it to all classes and push the boundaries of your own expectations. If you are a yellow cord you want to already focus on singing in the roda, playing bermimbau, expanding your floreo vocabulary and vision. You want to begin to have presence in the roda. Right now is the time for you to set goals for things you want to accomplish for the next coming year. Your ultimate goal is to have others look at your cord shockingly and say, “that person is a (fill in the cord)?!?”

Now is the time to TRAIN!

For this upcomign year Palhaço and I have also set personal goals and class goals. One of these goals is to expose our students to as much capoeira as possible. We we plan outings to other rodas, collaborate with other instructors in the group and hold workshops with special guests that will highlight different aspects of capoeira.

This is going to be a good year.


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