Not enough time to train!!! (Upper Body Exercises)

Nowadays, a lot of capoeirstas can’t afford just to train capoeira and go to the gym everyday and all day long. ( I must admit that I am jealous of those who can afford that luxury but living in San Francisco comes with a lot of bills to pay!). Some of us are lucky if we can even set aside time to train a few times a week! So with such a time crunch, instructors really have to decide what will be the most effective way to train their students in terms of capoeira and in terms of general fitness within only a few hours a week. There are also several things that capoeira students can do on their own time to build strength and practice capoeira movements when they are not in class

Go out and buy a resistance band. Resistance bands are great for building muscle, especially if you are short on time or space. There are several workouts that you can do, even if you can only fit in 10-15 minutes. Capoeiristas really need to have a solid core, strong arms and strong legs. (Okay, we need to be pretty strong all around!) Below are a some videos that offer some really great training ideas for when you have a moment to spare at home. These excercises focus on the upper body.

This guy has a lot of great exercises for all types of martial artists and fighters.

This really works out your obliques, arms and legs!

Here are a bunch of great basic upper body exercises.


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  1. trevorgregg Says:

    Here’s another video I found with important capoeira techniques.

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