Capoeira Etiquette #3

Here is a quick rule:

Capoeira, like a lot of martial arts, works in a hierarchy. We have our cord system which helps establish beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. Each level is required to have a certain amount of skill and knowledge in the art. This hierarchy also helps classes run smoothly. For example, the highest cords help the instructor give examples of movements and sequences. The highest cords are also in the front rows so the lower cords can follow their movements. A common mistake made is when lower cords cut in front of higher cords during exercises. Unless otherwise stated, this is usually a ‘no-no.’ This mistake is made typically because those students aren’t aware of the unspoken (and sometimes spoken) rule. If you are new to a class or considered a lower cord, make sure to go behind the higher cords.

**Note: As everything in the capoeira etiquette series, this is a general rule. There will be times when the instructor wants the lower cords in front or when higher cords need to go to the back of class due to injuries or if they arrived to class late.


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