Capoeira Etiquette (Part 2)

The Mestres at Instructora Cotonete’s Batizado in July, 2006

OK. Here is an easy one. This rule may not apply to all groups but it is always better to play it safe than sorry. Let’s talk about how you greet mestres when you are at your batizado or one of your school’s workshops. Here is the rule: When you enter the space, the first people that you have to greet are the mestres. AND!!! You need to greet them in the order of their level. For example, during our workshops we usually have Grand Mestre João Grande, Mestre Preguiça and Mestre Di Mola and we need to greet them in that order. Grand Mestre João Grande gets greeted first because he is the oldest and highest regarded mestre, then Mestre Preguiça because he is the next generation and student of Mestre Bimba, then Mestre Di Mola, whom is third generation, student of Mestre Camisa whom was a student of Mestre Bimba.

Disclaimer: This is what Mestre Di Mola has taught us. It may not be observed everywhere however, it can only look good if you enter a room and greet the Mestres according to these rules.


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